binxy hammock7.jpg

When Lonnie was born leaving the house by myself was challenging at times. I struggled with wrapping my head around doing simple everyday tasks. I couldn’t see myself going to pet store for dog food, or going to the post office or the grocery store. When it came to going to the grocery store I just thought let me run in and get just a few things. With Lonnie still being a little guy I typically leave him in the car seat and put the car seat in the cart. This works great but then there’s little to no room in the cart for the things I need. Insert: Binxy’s Shopping Cart Hammock. This thing is pure gold, pure genius, and brings me pure joy!!

The hammock is super lightweight and easy to store in your car. It fits almost all standard size carts (Costco shoppers: be sure to use the narrow end of the cart). It attaches onto the cart with ease and simplicity. It holds up to 50lbs so if your babe would like to stay snuggled in their car seat you can put their infant car seat in the hammock as well. Its completely safety tested so no worries your babe will be safe and sound!

This hammock has made shopping with Lonnie so much easier! Not to mention he loves being able to see everything going on in the store. The other customers don’t mind chatting with him either. :)


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