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This year for my mom's birthday she wanted to celebrate with family. She decided we would visit one of her favorite places, Mexico! I hadn't been to Mexico in a few years and when she said she wanted to go to Playa del Carmen, like most people I said, "where is that?" Playa del Carmen is about 45 minutes south of Cancun. It's a beautiful and vibrant city! When I saw Forever 21 a block from our hotel I said to myself "I'm home." :) No, I'm not Mexican but I love the culture and have traveled to various parts of Mexico in my life. 

Resort life

We stayed at Gran Porto Playa del Carmen now known as Panama Jack Resort -Playa Del Carmen. During our stay the resort was under a bit of renovating but it did not take away from the beautiful views, amazing customer service, great food and accommodations!



Usually at an all inclusive resort the food can be a hit or a miss. At Panama Jack Resort- Playa Del Carmen, the food was delicious! The breakfast buffet was amazing! I loved the woman that made our omelets. She was so sweet and lively every morning! The buffet also had a great selection for dinner as well. Outside of our room we had a bar that even served fresh sushi everyday! It was perfect! 


My mom planned the trip so I wanted to do something nice for her during our stay. I contacted the resort and began working with Alfredo, the Marketing Manager. Alfredo was so kind and accommodating. We came up with a plan to surprise her! Alfredo arranged fresh sushi, a cake, balloons, and employees to sing happy birthday to my mom by the pool. Not only was she so surprised she enjoyed the cake and sushi! I can't thank the staff, Hiram (the most amazing bartender who knew every one of my family members' drink orders by the second day), Gabriel, Alex and Alfredo are making this celebration so special for my mom.


In addition to the birthday surprise Alfredo gave us wristbands so that we could access their sister hotel The Royal which was located directly across the street. My family was able to the beautiful spa We loved going to the Maria Marie French Mexican Restaurant. We loved it so much we went twice during our stay. It was absolutely delicious!

All in all our visit was wonderful! I love Mexico and can't wait to go back to Panama Jack Resort-Playa Del Carmen!