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The Rosie Company was created in 2016 and is owned by two incredibly successful women, Krystel Spell and Lakesha Cole. Its name inspired by the cultural icon of World War II, Rosie the Riveter. As a military spouse, we strive for independence, identity, and success as we move around the country in support of your spouse. We find that it is almost a necessity to have both mobile and flexible employment. These two ladies have built empires and they are what I as an entrepreneur aspire to be.

Krystel, co-owner of The Rosie Company, creator of blog, one of the founders of SoFluential, a digital media company that hires military social media influencers and allows them to use their platforms to earn money for brands, owner of Retail Salute, wife, and mother has built an incredible online network that continues to grow each day! To a blogger like me she is the 'Pitch Master." She has also created a company called The PItch Life, where she sells guides and templates to writing pitch letters to brands. This is pure gold to any blogger!  

Lakesha, co-owner of The Rosie Company, and who Krystel likes to call a "retail beast and I mean that in a good way," she states. Lakesha is a mom, military spouse, business owner, and mentor. This year Lakesha took her experience in retailing and home-based business start-up and published Mommy Retailing. The book explains how moms can use their passions, interests, experience, and training to start a business.

Right to Left: Lakesha Cole, Krystel Spell   

Right to Left: Lakesha Cole, Krystel Spell


She is the creator of She Swank Too, a curated fashion brand for girls featuring a selection of imaginative clothing and accessories that embrace the innocence and fun of childhood. She also recently launched She Swank Marketplace, a community-building marketplace that celebrates and supports independent, locally-owned and military spouse and veteran businesses. 

— Krystel Spell

Now that we know a bit more about these fabulous ladies, check out my interview with Krystel Spell about starting The Rosie Company!

Kala C. Photography

Kala C. Photography


Were you nervous about developing a product that you could possibly have a lot of competition? If so, what made you overcome that and launch the Rosie Planner?

Honestly, we weren't! We don't mean that in a cocky way. As long time digital influencers in the military space, we knew that military spouses love products geared to them and who else understands the needs of military spouses better than ourselves. We also know that it's awesome to sell when you have a built in audience, which we both did.


As we all know starting a business takes a lot of time and dedication? What drives you to keep going?

We both genuinely love what we do. Yes, it's lots of work, but we both get to move to the beat of our own drum and on our own schedule. When you have that kind of freedom it doesn't feel stressful. When you begin to reap the fruits of your labor you really want to work harder.




 I think the rosie planner is just GENIUS! When did you discover there was a need for this type of planner?

First and foremost we were military spouses so we lived this life. We took what we experienced and listened to the needs of those around us.


#GETROSIE is your hashtag for your company. What should our readers know about this hashtag?

#GetROSIE is our brand. Not only does it mean to get the ROSIE planner literally, but it also talks about exhibiting the strength of the cultural icon Rosie The Riveter. She exudes confidence, and strength.


What inspired you to create an apparel line and what was the inspiration behind the designs?

We love phrases and displaying how we feel. What better way than to do that on a shirt. 


Where do you see your company in 5 years?

We hope to expand our line and move ROSIE into more shops and stores. Currently we are available for purchase on our website, She Swank Too Boutique in Jacksonville, NC and The R.Riveter Flagship Store in Southern Pines, NC.


Kala C. Photography

Kala C. Photography

What advice would you give someone starting their own business? 

Yes there is a lot to do but please don't sit on your ideas. These days the internet makes creating a beautiful site and graphics easy. We see people missing out because they make those things their primary focus and wind up not launching their business.


With the holiday just days away I have to ask, What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 

Heading to Downtown Fayetteville for their assortment of fairs and festivals and trying all the treats. Lakesha is also a big fan of shopping small and local businesses during the holidays and visiting mom and pop shops to see what holiday trinkets and products they have.


What is your favorite holiday dish?

I think me and Lakesha both agree that we love desserts so cookies would be our fav.


How do they do it all you ask? I think they have the Rosie the Riveter spirit! "We Can Do It."

I want to thank The Rosie Company for sponsoring the MARZ Holiday Giveaway! We have just a few more hours until the winner is announced. 


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