As we approach the New Year there are two things I want to improve on this year, eating healthier and being more budget conscious. 

When it comes to eating healthy most people say, “it’s so expensive.” Sprouts makes starting your healthy food journey easy and budget-friendly. 

Sprouts is always creating new ways to not only save on some of the best healthy foods but makes saving EASY!


There's an app for that!

If you're anything like me you're always looking for an app that will make life just a bit simpler. I love using the Sprouts mobile app. When I'm out and about I can check the app for the latest sales. When I'm in a meal prepping mood I can clip the coupons I need and add then to my account. With just a scan of my barcode, the savings are instant at checkout! Click HERE to download.

Vitamins and Supplements.jpg

Did someone say Vitamin Extravaganza!?

Taking vitamins is something that I'm getting used to. I tend to always get a cold when I'm traveling. It's essential I pack them in my carry-on. Sprouts makes it so easy to stock up on the vitamins I need. The Vitamin Extravaganza is a sale that Sprouts has that gives its customers 25% off in the vitamin and body care department.

More Wine, Please!

Everyone knows I love my beer but it has definitely put a few more pounds on me this year. A lot of my friends have introduced me to some really great wines so I've been cheating on my favorite brews lately. The more wine you buy at Sprouts the more you save! When you buy 6 or more bottles you save 10%. Well that's a no brainer. 


Deals of the month

Alonzo and I usually shop together on a monthly basis. We plan out what we want to eat and make our list. On a weekly basis I go to the store to pick up our fresh items. Sprouts is perfect for us because the Deals of the Month AD allows us to see ways we can save when we plan our meals and helps me when I'm picking up fresh produce or last minute items. 

don't forget to mark your calendars!

The grand opening is January beginning at 7am! Check out my previous post HERE for the details!

For more information on Sprouts, click HERE.


Thanks for reading!