Today my heart is completely full. I was featured in the R. Riveter, Empowered Women Empower Blog Series! Check it out HERE! There's a HUGE announcement in the post so check it out!

For two years now I have worked for an amazing company called R. Riveter. R. Riveter is a company that is owned and operated by military spouses. We make handbags out of military inspired materials and actual military materials (i.e. army tents, wool blankets, duffle bags, etc). Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse started this company in a small attic in Dahlonega, GA in 2011. They created the mission of providing flexible and mobile employment for military spouses. Since then R. Riveter has grown tremendously and even aired on Shark Tank, twice! To this day when I talk about the mission of this company I get chills as if it was the first time I read about it.

In life I believe you should always strive to do things that are bigger than yourself. I'm proud to say that I do this everyday. I love this company and what it stands for. I couldn't ask for a better group of women to work with. I love them as if they were my sisters. Because of R. Riveter I realized it is possible to be your own boss! Starting MARZ On The Move was a huge decision I had to make but I have to thank Cameron and Lisa for being such incredible inspirations! 

R. Riveter has created another mission of empowering other military spouse entrepreneurs. Empowered Women Empower is not only a movement but we have created a networking event series that will bring spouses together to support, inspire, and curate a network of military spouses who are striving for the same thing. 

We will host our first event in Fayetteville, NC on March 29th. I couldn't be more excited to be apart of this. We have an incredible group of women who we present and share their experiences that led them to success. These women include: Dr. Patrice Carter, Owner of Breakpoint Coaching, Katie Christy, Activate Your Talent, Abi Ray, Legacy Magazine, Leslie Brians, Leslie Brians Design and of course Cameron Cruse, COO and Co-founder of R. RIveter.

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