I love running into hidden gems in North Carolina! I was in Lillington, NC and stumbled across this super cool coffee and ice cream shop called "Beans and Cream."

The shop sells Hershey's ice cream and I almost got sucked into getting a scoop!

I decided to have an iced chai tea and it was the best iced chai tea I've ever had!

What makes Beans and Cream so cool? Well, it used to be an old gas station so it's decor includes old tires, parts from old Chevy trucks and more!

With its retro look, I thought it was a cool spot to take a break from the North Carolina heat and catch up with some emails with a cool drink!

I have to mention the wonderful customer service I received! Angsleey was so sweet and so welcoming! She was happy to help me decide on my beverage and even gave me a bit of history of Beans and Cream.

Definitely a great place to visit this summer!

Photographer: Kala C. Photography

Dress: J Crew
Shoes: ALDO