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It was always instilled in me by my mother and my grandmother to put myself first. They would say, "take care of Miss Britt's business first." It's one lesson I think I've always found it hard to get through my head. This year I took it upon myself to make my 29th year about me. 

As I write this and read it to myself it sounds so selfish. One thing you have to realize when you decide to "choose you" is that it isn't selfish, it's necessary. If you don't "choose you" who will? It doesn't mean I don't love and care for my family and friends. It just simply means I have chosen to make my happiness a priority for myself. My happiness includes a solid marriage, relationship with my family and friends and a successful business. And that's what choosing me means to me. 

Today is my 1/2 birthday! I'm just 6 months away from being 30. Am I scared? No. Is it crazy to think I've been on this earth for 30 years? Absolutely, but I couldn't be more happy about where life has taken me so far. It just so happens that this week has been the most exciting week of this year. 

This week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the radio segment "iN Your Face and iN Your Ear" with Patrice Carter on the Ray Thomas Variety Show (watch HERE). It was the coolest experience! Patrice has not only been a great friend but mentor. She's always rooting for me and trying to further my career in any way she can. I'm so thankful we crossed paths! I can't thank my family, friends, coworkers and even my husband's friends enough for tuning in. I was so humbled and appreciative of the overwhelming support I had. Since the interview I've had so many opportunities come to the surface! I just can't wait to share more about them. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what the coming months bring!

Photographer: Kala C. Photography

Marcy MARZ