Remember that hot and steamy shoot I did with R.RIveter last week? Well....it was for their new Fall Collection! The images really captured the exact meaning and inspiration behind the line!

This line was inspired by Dahlonega, GA, the birthplace of R.Riveter, Adventure, and Community. Learn more about the inspiration behind the line from R.Riveter's COO and Co-Founder, Cameron Cruse, HERE.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's actually so dear to my heart that I purposely start wearing fall clothes in August regardless of the temperature. It's my way of boycotting the weather in hopes it will change.Needless to say, I'll be styling one of these beauties soon.

Check out the FULL collection HERE.

I'm really excited to share more of R.Riveter's products as one of their newest brand ambassadors! Stay tuned!

Marcy MARZ