March 7th was a beautiful day in Fayetteville, NC and I planned to have coffee with my dear friend Patrice. We had a great morning catching up and discussing my move to Killeen. I expressed to Patrice the thought of moving had been a bit rough on me. I felt like I had taken my stress out on Alonzo and to be frank I was just down right mean. Yes, mean, I know it's hard to believe but I hadn't been myself. I decided I would pick up some donuts from Duck Donuts for Alonzo and take them to him at work. Once I arrived at his office I decided I would go to a transportation briefing with him. Once I left the meeting I attempted to go to the commissary. I wanted to make a good meal for us. I had been to the commissary 100 times but for some reason I kept getting lost.  I was starving and going to the grocery store hungry is a cardinal sin. 

While shopping something told me maybe I should take a pregnancy test. This wasn’t the first time these thoughts had ran through my head. We had been trying since October and although this isn’t a long time to be “trying,” for me it was difficult to comprehend that this wasn’t something I could control. It was in nature and God’s hands as to when we would conceive. I was 10 days late though (even though I was 2 weeks late the month before) so I bought a test. I was still starving when I came home so I ate ice cream, celery with hummus, and began to cook the meal I had planned for Alonzo and I. I had put off taking the test so I just said to myself, “take the dang test!” I was ready for the disappointment, ready for the "Not Pregnant" to appear on the screen. I waited about 5 minutes to go back to the bathroom. With each step I prepared myself for the disappointment and the shame of telling anyone I had taken yet another test. I got to the door of bathroom and I could see the result from the door.  It said, "Pregnant." I tried to grab it off the small table by the sink and I dropped it. I was shaking. I couldn't believe we were having a baby. It was happening and my excitement soon turned to pure panic. I thought, "Oh my goodness how will I tell Alonzo?" Everything I said I wouldn't do when it was time to tell Alonzo we were expecting, I did in that hour before he was set to arrive at home.

I raced to the store to buy a tacky onesie to stuff in a gift bag. I found one that was camo with the words "Major Cutie" written on it so I bought it and raced home. Once I arrived luckily the meal I cooked wasn't burnt and I sat at our kitchen table and waited. It felt like an hour had gone by and he still wasn't home. 

I will never forget the misty eyes and joy on Alonzo's face when he found out I was pregnant. It was similar to when we did our "first look" on our wedding day. He was full of pure happiness.

I know Alonzo will be the most incredible father I could ask for and exactly what baby McNeal will need.

Cheers to becoming a family of 3(humans). 


Stay tuned tomorrow to see how the first trimester was for me! Every month I'll check in about how my pregnancy is going! Feel free to share your stories in the comments!