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Finding out I was pregnant was like a crazy dream.  I never thought it would happen so quickly and as much as I wanted it to it was hard to understand it was out of my control. 

It seems like as soon as you know you’re pregnant every sign you overlooked is now in clear view. You’re nauseous, you’re exhausted, and every part of your body hurts at some point of the day.  

During my first trimester we traveled back and forth to Texas to find a house. The trips that I made so frequently when Alonzo and I dated seemed as if I was traveling out of the country. Age and a baby brewing let me know times have changed and so had my body. The very things I could do with no issues, my body told me otherwise. As much as I was trying to convince Alonzo that my body couldn’t handle it, I had an even harder time trying to convince myself. 


I would say the only lows of pregnancy I've had so far is the nausea. For me, I would rather be physically sick and get the nausea over with than to constantly feel like I was on the verge of throwing up my insides. From week 6-8 we were traveling back and forth from North Carolina to Texas. The plane rides, being in the car all day, the eating out, the nausea, the exhaustion, took over me and I wasn't fun to be around. As you may now I'm used to being on the go! Even if I wasn't feeling well I could grin and bear but this little bean wasn't having it. It was pretty tough for me to move during this part of my pregnancy. My nausea did go away completely by week 13! It was like magic! 


The biggest high so far was confirmation that I was pregnant when we heard the heart beat. I thought I would cry the first time I heard the heartbeat but I think I was in shock. I was actually growing a human life inside of me and my dear husband was there and could share the excitement with me. 

I know my nausea was something I considered a "low" but I have to be thankful that it was the only thing that I could complain about during my first trimester. I was miserably nauseous but I still was able to leave my house without a fear of vomiting in public!

My last high that I will mention is being able to share the news with our family and close friends. The support we've received it was wonderful and greatly appreciated. When we shared the news on social media I was shocked by the support we received as well. So thank you so much to everyone that read our story (click HERE if you haven't) and congratulated us! 


The first two weeks after I found out I was pregnant I craved a few funny things. Oreo ice cream sandwiches was one of them. I would go to Walmart and get a box and eat one on the way home. I usually don’t eat a lot of citrus because it breaks out my skin but the most refreshing thing is a clementine and lemon water. Luckily for me the only thing I ever want to drink is water.


Right now I’m 15 weeks pregnant! Although most mamas to be are eager to find out the gender soon we will not be finding out the gender. Most people I’ve told this are shocked that Brittany, the event planner, is okay with this. For once in my life I’m not overwhelmed by any part of being pregnant. I'm pretty calm (at the moment) and I’m truly enjoying this process. I’m trying not to rush any part of this but I am ready to feel the baby start moving! :)  

Please feel free to comment with your first trimester stories!