Traveling has always been something that Alonzo and I have enjoyed doing. During my first trimester it was so difficult for me because I just didn't know what I needed and I didn't know what my body was doing. I was constantly nauseous and little to nothing would make it go away. 

I wanted to share with you what I learned along the way to help make traveling a bit easier and more comfortable!

Similar suitcase,  HERE

Similar suitcase, HERE

travel light

I've never been one to travel light but since going to Europe I've learned that you don't have to pack your entire closet for a weekend trip. Packing light put me more at ease, too! Airports can bring on anxiety to some people and frustration. The lighter my load was the less likely I was to start to sweat and get frustrated in the airport. I loved this carry-on I bought at TJ Maxx (pictured above)! It's the perfect size for a weekend trip, it's easy to maunevuer, and you can carry it as a carry-on or gate check it!

choose your seat wisely

When I fly I used to love having the window seat. I was able to curl up by the window and fall asleep almost before takeoff. Well since I've been pregnant the window seat is actually the last place I want to be. One reason being I have to use the restroom at least once during a flight. If I'm by the window I usually have to ask not one but maybe two people if I can climb over there. Another reason is that I can't stretch my legs. I have always had bad circulation but it has increased since being pregnant. I usually experience numbness in my legs throughout the entire flight. If you can, choose the aisle seat! This allows you can stretch a bit and get to the restroom when you need to!

tal water bottle.jpg

bring reinforcements

I know I mentioned packing light was essential to a less stressful and more comfortable travel experience but there are a few things that you have to have! These items are what I call my reinforcements. Traveling can sometimes be an all day adventure so you want to make sure you have a few essential items to get you through the day and not drain your bank account.

My Reinforcements include:

  • Water bottle
  • Snacks 
  • Sea bands or something for nausea
  • Blanket

Water bottle - I drink a LOT of water now. The feeling of being dehydrated just isn't an option for me. I purchased a water bottle from Walmart that I love (found HERE)! It was $10 and it hold about 20 ounces of liquid. On top of that it keeps it cold for about 10 hours! It doesn't hurt that it's super cute too! I usually take it to the airport empty so that I can fill it up at the water bottle station or a water foundation.

Snacks- I love my snacks and they always break the bank at the airport. I decided to go to Walmart and grab things like nuts, candy, clementines, and some protein bars. Trust me you'll save so much money by not purchasing them in the airport.

Sea bands - I had to wear my sea bands everyday of my first trimester. I tend to be a bit nauseous on the plane (pregnant or not) so they help tremendously! I also carry B6 vitamins with me as well. The doctor prescribed it to me for nausea. 

Blanket - I can't stand being cold in the airport and on the plane so a light blanket you can fold up and stuff in your carry on is a great idea! I recommend a bookbag as your "personal bag," (pack your cute purses in your roller bag). This way you are still be hands free and have plenty of room for your reinforcements.

Well I hope this helps! Comment below with your favorite reinforcements you travel with!