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 As a military spouse, we try to support our soldiers in any way we can. Whether it be cooking their favorite meal after a long week of training or waiting up for them when they work late nights. The All American Spouse Spur afforded us the experience first hand some of the training our spouses actually do.


The Spur Ride or the Order of the Spur is a tradition that dates back for centuries. Soldiers that serve in a cavalry unit are inducted into the Order of the Spur after they successfully complete a "Spur Ride." A spur ride consists of various events that test a soldier's strength both mentally and physically that are relevant to the Cavalry. They are rewarded with Spurs that are either silver (for those that complete a spur ride while in garrison) or gold (if you have deployed with a cavalry). 


The Spouse Spur ride was a modified version of a Spur Ride that allowed spouses to interact, build bonds, test mental and physical strengths or lack there of in my case! :)

The All-American Spouse Spur Ride was the first Division wide spouse spur ride held at Fort Bragg. We started off the day with what they called a warm-up physical training exercise. Considering I hadn't exercised in well over 6 months my body may still be in shock. After the warm up, we did a 3-5 second buddy rush drill. This drill required the spouses to move towards an enemy position by sprinting 3-5 seconds and then pulling security to allow their battle buddy to advance.  


The most difficult part of the day was when my fear of heights was tested. Honestly, I never thought I was scared of heights. I've ridden roller coasters, been on plenty of planes but I think the thought of me being on my own with nothing to hold on to was frightening. With the encouragement from my fellow spouses I was able to overcome my fears! 

I must say what an amazing experience this day was! I really loved being able to see some of the training exercises Alonzo does. I'm always proud of him but there was a deeper love and appreciation I was able to gain during the Spouse Spur Ride. Spectrum News covered the event and Alonzo and I were interviewed by Madison Cavalchire on what it meant to us to participate. Check out our story , HERE.

Since this was my first Spouse Spur Ride I had to make a short compilation of the day! If you really want a glimpse of what I looked like kicked butt and taking names click HERE

Alonzo and I have spent the last 3 years stationed at Fort Bragg. For me it was our first "real army duty station." After just 2 months of being here Alonzo had orders to deploy. Our wedding was postponed and I was here with no friends. Our time here at Fort Bragg has been an adventure but it has been one that I will truly never forget. I've made some of the most incredible friends and I hope that we will cross paths again! This was one of the last events I will participate in here at Fort Bragg and I'm so happy to have experienced it was such an amazing group of spouses! Special thanks to the Squadron Commander's wife, Bronwen Pence who is an incredible leader! She was able to change my view of FRG (family readiness group) and has made this experience as a FRG Leader a positive experience! Also thank you to my fellow Alpha troop spouses! You guys are the best and we totally dominated during the medical drills. :) 


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