The year lending up to being 30 everyone is telling you, "You'll be 30! Are you ready?" Why when you turn 30 is there this sense of urgency to have life completely figured out? It's like the first day on a new job, should I have proper documentation? Should I wear a suit?


On January 21st I was in Asheville with family. It was truly something special to have my mom, dad, my stepmom, Alonzo, sister-in-law Valencia, and my cousin Fallon all with me on this day. All the memories of my 20s were suddenly flashing through my mind throughout the trip. All the highs and the lows suddenly made me feel whole. With that feeling of being whole brought a feeling of POWER. I am now taking ownership of what I need to do to be successful. There's nothing in the way of my dreams but me. 



Last year was a year of transition. It started off like a 100 m dash. I started my new blog and decided to quit my job and start my own event planning company. I wanted everything done quickly so I could just get to the finish line. Looking back I don't regret one thing. I just know now how important it is to take your time with things and focusing on one vision at a time will be the key to success (for me).



I didn't know how to feel about 30 until I reached it. I may not say it often but it means a lot to me when people show up for me. In Asheville, I felt a sense of love, happiness and APPRECIATION. Each person there made the journey to this little town to celebrate me but what they didn't know is that it was a celebration for us. A large part of who I am is because of these people. They either raised, taught me life lessons, helped me through good times and the bad. They are my people. 



A special thank you goes to my incredible husband. Every time I think he's not playing attention he is and he's taking notes. He made this birthday one of the best I've ever had. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, loving, and caring person to share my life with.

Cheers to whatever the year of 30 brings!

Until Next Time,



photography: Kala C. Photography

location: 305 Trackside (Thank you so much for sharing your incredible space Tori!)