Good Eats


When you ride down Central Texas Expressway all your fast food and chain restaurant dreams come true. You have a choice of everything from Rudy's to In-N-Out Burger! This is a dangerous rabbit hole for a pregnant lady with little to no self control. Luckily for me I haven't craved any fast food since  the first weeks of my first trimester. 

It's always been a tradition for Alonzo and I to find cool restaurants and breweries in the dark hole of big box restaurants that surround most military bases. It makes sense that there is so many but for us we would just much rather have something unique and authentic!

the catch1.JPG

Insert: The Catch. Last weekend Alonzo and I were staving and had a taste for some soul food. We wanted to be able to sit down and eat so I hopped on Yelp and found, The Catch. It wasn't the soul food we were craving but it turned out to be an excellent choice!


The Catch is a seafood restaurant that sits at the corner of a shopping plaza next to Twin Liquors and down from Lowe's. They serve FREE margaritas and beer daily with your order. Yes, I said FREE. Once we ordered, our food was delivered pretty quickly! The staff is very attentive and helpful. The restaurant was very clean and quaint and featured cool décor!


We decided on the gumbo as an appetizer, (not pictured) shrimp and grits and the catfish dinner (regular size). Alonzo and I loved the shrimp and grits. The seasoning was great and the grits weren't your typical cheese grits (which is an option) but I loved the flavors of this dish. The catfish was so yummy! I will definitely be getting a bigger size next time! :)

I highly recommend anyone in the Killeen, TX area to check this place out! Stay tuned to more GOOD EATS in Texas!